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Gl Holtegaard was created by the architect and royal building master Lauritz de Thurah (1706–59). He purchased the then farm of Gl Holtegaard in 1755 in order to make a suitable country house for himself outside Copenhagen.


To begin with, he extended and laid out the garden within the framework of the lime-tree avenues that have survived to the present day. When the new buildings were completed, Gl Holtegaard had the appearance of a magnificent country estate, complete with farm buildings and even a royal privileged inn.


The outward appearance of the main building, with its two pavilions, is roughly as it was in 1758. The two bells Thurah had cast in 1756 hang in the tower, and the clock is also the original one. Thurah did not come to live long at Gl Holtegaard, however. He died as early as 1759. After that, Gl Holtegaard changed hands many times.


In 1976, the Municipality of Søllerød took over and restored Gl Holtegaard, converting the main building so it could house changing exhibitions, and in 1993 Gl Holtegaard was handed over to the Gl Holtegaard-Breda Foundation.

Gl Holtegaard seen from the Baroque Garden 
Photo Hans Ole Madsen

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