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Ebba Maria Kirstine Breda (1893–1950) was a Danish painter, born in Rynkeby on Funen. Her father was a dentist and her mother from a wealthy family which had connections with the manor house of Vejstrupgaard on Funen.


Ebba Breda trained as an artist at the Alice Bastide school of painting in Paris in 1927–32. Here she concentrated in particular on the miniature and portrait painting genres, exhibiting on several occasions at the Salon in Paris. After her return to Copenhagen, she became attached to art dealer Kleis in Vesterbrogade and lived with her mother and sister in the villa Lille Frederikslund in Holte until her death.


Gl Holtegaard–Breda Fonden was set up by her sister Aase Breda in 1992, and today it operates the gallery Gl Holtegaard.


A selection of Ebba Breda’s paintings can be seen on the right. It is possible to leaf through them by pressing the arrows under the picture.

Ebba Breda: Self Portrait, 1930 
Oil on canvas
94 x 75 cm
Photo: Jan Søndergaard

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