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thu 1 jun - sun 19 nov 2017

Pavilon III


An elegant, sweeping flight of stairs forms the third and final pavilion in the exhibition series New Architecture in the Baroque Garden at Gl. Holtegaard. As an open stage for promenading and self-presentation, Scenery draws us back in time to the ideals and architecture of the baroque. Scenery is the creation of architects Sofia Adolfsson and Teresa Fernández Rojo, and constructing architect Camila Stadler Buschle.


The present and the baroque merge in one and the same space in the third and final pavilion in the exhibition series New Architecture in the Baroque Garden. Gl. Holtegaard’s distinctive character as an architectural treasure combined with the staged nature of the baroque garden provide the basis for the exhibition trilogy, which over the past three years has resulted in three different pavilions in the garden.


Under the titles Orangery (2015), Menagerie (2016) and Scenery (2017), Gl. Holtegaard, in collaboration with the Danish Association of Architects and the Danish Arts Foundation, launched an open call for architects to create new, temporary pavilions for Gl. Holtegaard’s baroque garden joining the past and the present, and the old and the new.


The third and final assignment was to create an artistic, architectural space in the baroque garden that freely interprets of the theme ‘scenery’ based on the history of the site and the period’s concepts of the garden – and the world – as a realm for (self) staging. With its inviting and explicit spatiality, Scenery both challenges and supplements the more private and enveloping spaces created by the two previous pavilions.


The Powerful Staging of the Staircase

As a free-floating flight of stairs, Scenery forms a rounded, dual stairway rising 2.5m above the ground. Halfway up each circular arc of the staircase are two landings, which together with the upper platform create small stages. This gives the dual staircase the sculptural form of a single stage, where the performer, garden guest and everyone who uses the staircase on their way through the baroque garden form part of the scenery.


Scenery is also a streamlined interpretation of the grandiose staircase architecture of the baroque, where the stairway formed a stage for arrivals and departures at major events in the imposing, substantial edifices of the period. The baroque staircase was also a way for those in power to symbolise hierarchy and status, and a means to publicly stage their presence.


The new pavilion in the baroque garden has the subtitle Dual, referring to the double staircase of the stairway, but also the duality between the new and the old – a dynamic that forms the core of Gl. Holtegaard’s exhibition profile.


The Architects

The architects who have created Scenery met each other at BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group in 2012. Architect Sofia Adolfsson (b. 1987 in Sweden) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2013. Architect Teresa Fernández Rojo (b. 1983 in Spain) is a graduate of ETSA School of Architecture in Madrid and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette in 2010, and Camila Stadler Buschle (b. 1989 in Brazil) is a constructing architect who graduated from VIA University College in 2013 and with an MSc. in Sustainable Design from Aalborg University Copenhagen in 2016.



In late summer 2017 Gl. Holtegaard will launch a publication on the exhibition series New Architecture in the Baroque Garden linking the three pavilions to the baroque architecture and garden of Gl. Holtegaard and the overriding context of the gallery’s exhibition profile.



Gl. Holtegaard is hosting a programme of events during the run of the exhibition, giving visitors the opportunity to meet the women who have created Scenery in conversation with the architect Christian Kuczynski from the architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, as well as to join a seminar on the architectural genre of the pavilion in collaboration with the Danish Association of Architects.



New Architecture in the Baroque garden

With exhibition series New Architecture in the Baroque Garden, Gl. Holtegaard extends its exhibitions to include its baroque garden as a setting for the interplay of history and contemporary art. The previous pavilions in the exhibition trilogy were Orangery (2015) and Menagerie (2016). Orangery was created by the architects Søren Thirup Pihlmann, Kim Lenshow Andersen and Mikael Stenström. Menagerie was designed by the architect Jonathan Houser Meldgaard. Scenery (2017) is the third and final pavilion in the series. All three pavilions were chosen from open call entries judged by a jury of architectural professionals. More than 130 proposals were submitted for the third and final project competition. 


The project is a collaboration between Gl. Holtegaard, the Danish Association of Architects, and the Danish Art Foundation’s Committee for Architecture Grants and Project Funding.


The exhibition series has been generously supported by the Danish Art Foundation’s Committee for Architecture Grants and Project Funding, the Danish Art Foundation’s Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding, and the Obel Family Foundation.




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