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All exhibition galleries at Gl Holtegaard are on one floor, without changes in floor level or thresholds.


For wheelchair users and those who are walking-impaired, there is an entrance to Gl Holtegaard via a side-door with a ramp, to the left of the main door. Just contact the staff on arrival to have this door unlocked.


Toilets and wardrobe are in the basement. There is only access to the basement via a staircase. Visitors to Gl Holtegaard may use the invalid toilet at The Vedbæk Finds Museum free of charge – this is situated in the separate wing at Gl Holtegaard. It is open Tue-Fri 12.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 12.00-17.00.


Wheelchair users should note that the narrowest door opening at Gl Holtegaard is only 90 cm wide. This unfortunately means that an extra-wide wheelchair is unable to pass through.


All paths in the Thurah Baroque Garden have a surface of either loose fine shingle or stamped stone dust.


It is possible to borrow a wheelchair at Gl Holtegaard. 

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